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A New Way to Relax & Better Sleep 💨

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Let‘s face it, We all could use a little help in the stress relief area these days! Our daily schedules which includes balancing work, parenthood, social life (if any) and everyday challenges can cause us to experience Insomnia, Anxiety, and uneasiness in general. I’ve been there, which is why I found a solution that’s all natural and work GREAT. Herbal Smoke Blends are not new, they have always been around but being a proud member of the non smoker gang it wasn’t on my radar…until now. Life challenges came & I needed to CHILL, but wasn’t willing to compromise my stance on indulging in anything that is harmful of without NATURAL ingredients; and I found it!

Pretti Puffs is pre-rolled in vegan (no gmo) paper that‘s filled with freshly dried florals (such as passionflower) and blended with organic herbs (such as damiana) that naturally stimulates your serotonin levels which produces a calm, tension relief feeling, WITHOUT a high. There’s no addictive substances such as THC, or Tobacco, and there’s no CBD in it either. Just pure natural STRESS RELIEF! I’ve never felt better after a long day with the need to unwind. Since I always try things first (and loved it) I am now offering you the chance to experience the essence of Pretti Bliss Smoke Blends! This alternative way to relax is available for sale at Lakeshore Spa Lounge, we also ship throughout the USA. If you would like to schedule pickup or come in for a demo send me a message today. We offer several pre rolled blends to help with you self care needs. You can also signup for updates through our text community by visiting

P.S. you can place an order for pickup at our Small Biz Saturday Shop Small Event. 11/27 from 12-3 PM. Message us for details.

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