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Did you know that August 15th is National Relaxation Day? Well it is! What is your favorite way to relax? Since it fell on a day that we consider to be "Self Care Sunday" we would like to share this relaxing DIY facial cleanser and mask recipe that you can do at home. Grab your favorite drink and a few supplies you may already have in your fridge to get started.

Green Tea Facial Cleanser Recipe

1 cup powered milk

2 tablespoons uncooked rolled oats

2 green tea bags

empty container ( for storing )

STEP 1: Cut open the tea bags and place the contents along with the milk and rolled oats into a blender or small food processor.

STEP 2: Blend for 30-45 seconds to create a powder consistency and that's it!

LET'S USE IT! Place 1/2 teaspoon of powder in your hand with a few drops of water to make a smooth paste, next massage this into your face and neck using small circular motions. Take your time to enjoy this part! I like to set a timer for 5 minutes to massage the mixture in. Rinse off with warm water and use a clean towel to pat dry. Follow up with a moisturizer or facial serum. Coconut or Extra Virgin Olive oil with a few drops of Lavender essential oil is an awesome all natural option.

I hope you enjoy this DIY treat for your skin. If you would like to book your Spa Facial for a deeper cleanse schedule with us online at

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