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Small Gesture, Big Impact!

*How to help Small Businesses Survive*

Tis’ the Season to shop for your loved ones, buying Holiday Gifts to add a little bit of cheer to 2020. Although the big retailers are sure to have alluring deals, please don’t forget us small guys! Small businesses has taken a tremendous lost this year, Covid-19 has crippled many forcing us to close permanently with little help. PPP loans were barely given to cover losses & expenses. We need your help. Make a pledge to buy from a Small Business for your Holiday needs; your support will make a huge impact! If you can’t commit to financially support, you can help by spreading positive news about your local small businesses by leaving Goggle reviews, following and commenting on social media platforms, and recommending to family & friends.
How can you help us? Lakeshore Spa Lounge offers E-Gift Certificates starting at $25, you can send them to anyone via e-mail or print it out. Purchase them for your love ones or keep for future services for yourself! Our Virtual Spa options are perfect to enjoy socially distance Self Care (solo or group), Our new Kid option makes a perfect Winter break activity. We also have a Spa Gift Shop with Bath/Body items, cozy slipper socks, wristlets with matching face masks & more. Schedule your private Gift Shop visit today.

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