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Mom’s Spa with a Twist

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 12th. Lakeshore Spa Lounge is hosting it’s first “Spa with a Twist” event on SATURDAY, May 11th combining Paint Therapy with Express Spa Back Massages to give Ladies an element of relaxation with a self-paced painting class. The owner of Lakeshore Spa Lounge Char Sloan enjoys the idea of bringing social events to Lakeshore‘s stress free zone; “It’s important for us (women) to take care of our mental well-being by taking a break from our everyday routine to enjoy being in a comfortable space, Why not let the Spa be that avenue of healing mixed with a little fun?”. If you would like to attend this Saturday’s gathering a few seats are still available. Stay up-2-date with current Spa News & Events right here on our Wix Blog; Share this with a friend!

Online ticket store:

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