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Spring Clean Your Energy

Tis’ the season for renewal, decluttering, and re-organizing our Home environments; but what about Spring cleansing your personal aura? Here are a few tips to recharge & enhance your “Energy” that can also be translated as the feeling of balance & well-being that you carry & share with others.

1. Get a Massage. Regular Massage Therapy at least once a month is a Self-Care regimen that goes beyond the “feel good” luxury. Massage Therapy provides natural healing of stress reduction, joint mobility, tension relief, hormonal balancing, and more.

2. Get a Professional Facial. As the seasons change our Skin also goes through different phases, especially if you live in the Midwest! A good cleansing would be great to give you a natural glow and remove the appearance of dull dry Winter Skin.

3. Try Yoga. Yoga is for everyone! The key is to find a class at your level, beginners will find a Slow flow or Restorative class beneficial. The practice of Yoga allows you to get a total body stretch while practicing breath work. Breathing is an essential part of lowering the hormones that produces stress. You will feel amazing, sleep better, and tone your body with the practice of Yoga. Find a class near you.

4. Every Woman should V-Steam. Have you heard of Vaginal Steam Therapy? This ancient ritual is becoming more popular in the USA thanks to Celebrities talking about their experience publicly, but truthfully Vaginal Steam Therapy is holistic Womb Care that every Woman should practice. Vaginal Steam Therapy reduces discomfort from monthly cycles, heals infections, regulates heavy periods, balances Vaginal PH, naturally detox, and much more. Schedule a free phone consultation with our Therapist to learn how Vaginal Steam Therapy can help you.

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